Martin Loser King

Mostly Not Racist

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went to an American restaurant today!!!! ‘ello mate!!!!!! put forks in my hair to show my love for these Westerners’ food!!! Haha!!!!! Ha!!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha  !

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me: *goes to hell* what the fuck is this

satan: Welcome To My Twisted Mind.

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“What about the idea that an overinflated ego is just a cover for deep-seated insecurity? Do narcissistic people actually hate themselves “deep down inside”? Recent studies show the answer is no. People who score high on measures of narcissistic personality traits also score high on measures of self-esteem.”

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you: that is a nice ass shirt

me: thank you but, to be honest, its called “pants” and not an “ass shirt”

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Who wore it better

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Girl: Do you play an instrument?

Me: yeah, i play the clitoris ;)

Me: if only i could find it though. 

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cashier: that’ll be $4.20

me: bruh

cashier: bruh

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